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Generous Hearts - Silly in Sixth

You have to love people, and I guess companies, who are truly generous. Not just the "we're here for you and want to give you a free (fill in the blank) that isn't really all that valuable so you will be a customer for life" generous, but the truly, "wait, you haven't eaten this week? Here is my lunch" generous. And that brings us to Silly in Sixth. Silly in Sixth on TpT  Silly in Sixth is a teacher-author from Connecticut who sells products on TeachersPayTeachers. With just over 100 products, it is still a relatively small store (hey, so is ELA in Middle School with 130 products to date!), but this teacher-author has a great heart. Silly in Sixth will be donating 100% of the store's profits for March, April, May, and June of 2020 to a local food bank in Connecticut! Talk about generous! The store is generalized in that it has products across the curriculum, but specialized in that the focus seems to be 6th grade. I haven't gone through a

FREE Persuasive Speech Writing Rubric - A Product Review

So often, one of the most tedious and boring jobs of a teacher, but one that we thankfully can do as a "one and done" when we get it right, is that of creating grading rubrics for our students' use. We make them for writing essays, for projects in Science, Social Studies, History, and ELA, for Gifted and Talented projects, for book reports, and for theater and visual arts! We could probably fill a filing cabinet drawer with a single file labeled "RUBRICS FOR A YEAR"! Well, ok, maybe not a filing cabinet  drawer...but a credenza drawer, at least. But when you find a REALLY good one... Deborah Conrad Baldwin, aka Dramma Momma, is one of my personal favorite Teacher-Authors. Her products never disappoint when I get them, either for my ELA classroom and kids, or for the grandchildren to learn at home. And this one, Speech & Communications, Editable Persuasion Speech Rubric for Distance Learning , is no exception! The rubric is very in-depth with seventeen

Focus on Grammar - Reviews of Parts 1 through 6 and the Bundle

Focus on Grammar is a series of grammar bellwork products for the Middle School ELA classroom. There are six 6-week parts for a total of 36 weeks of morning bellwork. The following Reviews are from customers who have used the Focus on Grammar Bellwork or Bellringer products. "This has been a huge time saver! These activities work well with bell-ringer journals. They have consistent expectations so the students can build a routine, but are novel enough to keep students interested and motivated." - SL V. about Focus on Grammar - The Bundle "Wow! What an incredibly comprehensive collection of bell ringers. This is a must have for middle school teachers. What a fantastic time saver!" - AD and " This is a great set! 6 weeks of editable, adaptable activities focused on basic parts of speech and other grammar basics. Great for older students who would benefit from a review." AV about Focus on Grammar - Part 1 Focus on Grammar - Pa

Other Websites We Recommend

These are some of our favorite websites that we recommend... Geno Gottschall Music Specifically for Educational Products created by and for Teachers... Amped Up Learning The Wheel Edu .  Teachers Pay Teachers

Matthew's Earlier Blog Attempts

I cannot access these two blogs, as I do not have access to the old email account or the passwords any longer.  Oh well, live and learn! I created both of them in 2009. The Blogs... Selected Poetry This one is some of my poetry. If you follow the link, you will see that it says I am a widower, and at the time that was the case. I am now blessedly married to Suzanne! At any rate... Selected Poems by Matthew E. Forman My Earliest Days in the Classroom This was my other attempted blog, roughly the same time frame, which was a requirement for one of my courses at Middle Tennessee State University. This dealt with my introduction to student teaching and internships. We'll call this one  Wandering the Halls of Academia Take One . Geno's Passover Musings.... Le Luxe Anti-Aging is a blog from our daughter, Laura Gottschall. Laura is a Licensed Esthetician and Laser Technician . Here is The Affordable Treatment for Aging Skin

Some Thoughts About Distance Learning...

Distance Learning... In this world crisis, there has been a lot of understandable panic and rampant fear that we have faced. From shortages of bread and dairy products, to medical devices, to – NO! SAY IT AIN’T SO! – toilet paper. Some, obviously, much more serious than others. What there has been no shortage of, however, is the willingness, caring, and love that teachers around the world have shown to their students, their students’ families, their administrators and communities, and, perhaps most touching of all, one another. Literally around the world, as governments were struggling to find answers and responses to a viral pandemic, we teachers immediately thought, “Our kids. How do we help our kids? How do help feed them? How do we continue to teach them?” And most of the governments turned to the school districts to come up with their own answers to these questions, as the governmental infrastructure faced the vital questions of survival. And we stepped up. First, to a

Spring is Springing! A Product Review

EduKos on TpT So, this seems a little unusual, but the first product for education that I am going to blog about is NOT one from ELA in Middle School! It also is not for ELA, or necessarily for Middle School! You see, our daughter, Laura Gottschall, her husband, Geno (of Geno Gottschall and His Rockaholics fame), homeschool their 3 youngest, Kaliea, Leovani and Joseph. They also live with Nana and Opa, so we help out with the homeschool side as well. And we often find resources for their educational use. One of these resources I recently found is called Spring is Springing!  This is a science resource, and it is my favorite price as a consumer...FREE! It was created by Kaylee Cleghorn, owner and teacher- author of Edukos . Kaylee is a new, and young, teacher and teacher-entrepreneur, but she is definitely going to become successful in both careers! The resource is a four-page PDF, and it teaches your student-scholars to take a scientific approach to nature and watching things

A Blog from The Wheel Edu that Featured ELA in Middle School

TheWheelEdu.Com Here is a blog post that features ELA in Middle School from our partners and friends in Sydney, Australia at . I hope that you will read it, and let Suzanne and I know what you think about it! Matthew

Welcome and About Us

Welcome to Wandering the Halls of Academia - Teaching and Living Today! Suzanne and Matthew, December 2019 This Blog is about teaching, classroom tips, and living a balanced life of meaning! We will be posting about practices, travel, and products we make for the classroom. Additionally, we will discuss products from other teacher authors. Matthew will be writing and posting some of our posts, while Suzanne will be creating others. We will also have guest bloggers from time to time, and links to other blogs we like or feel you may find interesting! Matthew is a Middle School ELA teacher, leads Professional Development sessions in Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS), the integration of online educational platforms in the classroom, and classroom management/CHAMPS. Suzanne has been a substitute teacher, an interventionist in Math and SPED, and holds a degree in Animal Science, with an emphasis on genetics. We are both teacher-authors of educational products