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FREE Persuasive Speech Writing Rubric - A Product Review

So often, one of the most tedious and boring jobs of a teacher, but one that we thankfully can do as a "one and done" when we get it right, is that of creating grading rubrics for our students' use. We make them for writing essays, for projects in Science, Social Studies, History, and ELA, for Gifted and Talented projects, for book reports, and for theater and visual arts! We could probably fill a filing cabinet drawer with a single file labeled "RUBRICS FOR A YEAR"! Well, ok, maybe not a filing cabinet  drawer...but a credenza drawer, at least. But when you find a REALLY good one...


Deborah Conrad Baldwin, aka Dramma Momma, is one of my personal favorite Teacher-Authors. Her products never disappoint when I get them, either for my ELA classroom and kids, or for the grandchildren to learn at home. And this one, Speech & Communications, Editable Persuasion Speech Rubric for Distance Learning, is no exception!

The rubric is very in-depth with seventeen - I counted - SEVENTEEN grading categories! I particularly like that the points assigned are from 3 to 6 instead of 0 to 4. As I am sure we have all experienced, a student "earning" a 0 cannot recover to pass, so this give a minimum grade of 51 - failing, but recoverable. And it is fully adapted to distance learning. Definitely a plus today.

The categories being graded include such things as is the topic persuasive - a no-brainer category to a person who is not a teacher, standard areas such as organization and body, and a conclusion. Not so different from what we are used to. But then, Deborah also includes things like vocal tone, volume, the use of notes and notecards, and even if the student is paying attention to his or her peers during their individual presentations. A super departure from the normal six categories check, check, and... check! An advantage to having so many different categories is that you can always adjust it to what you need. Not going to have students give speeches? Fine, lose tone, volume, and eye contact - simply adjust your grading numbers!

Finally, the price...I mean, come on people! It's FREE! Even if you only use it as a reference, it's worth the download! Deborah, thank you for your generosity! I mean that sincerely.



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