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Welcome to Wandering the Halls of Academia - Teaching and Living Today!

This Blog is about teaching, classroom tips, and living a balanced life of meaning! We will be posting about practices, travel, and products we make for the classroom. Additionally, we will discuss products from other teacher authors. Matthew will be writing and posting some of our posts, while Suzanne will be creating others. We will also have guest bloggers from time to time, and links to other blogs we like or feel you may find interesting!
Matthew is a Middle School ELA teacher, leads Professional Development sessions in Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS), the integration of online educational platforms in the classroom, and classroom management/CHAMPS. Suzanne has been a substitute teacher, an interventionist in Math and SPED, and holds a degree in Animal Science, with an emphasis on genetics. We are both teacher-authors of educational products as well. We met when they were attending Middle …
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Becoming a Teacher-Author Entrepreneur Step 20: The VIDEO PREVIEW

Wow! Step 20! Really? Who knew? Perhaps it's time for a sequel to the Guide! Perhaps, but first...
VIDEO PREVIEWSScary thing to consider doing, I know! Just did our first one today, and created a YouTube Channel, ELA in Middle School by Matthew and Suzanne Forman, and even posted said first video onto said channel! It may not be the BEST of quality, but it actually isn't the worst I've seen! And, Deb Mendoza, Lily Pad Queen of Froggy About Teaching, viewed it and said that I had to warn people, er, inform people, about how to do these! So, with as little prompting as I require having been met, here goes!
The first thing you need to know is that your video preview can be as easy or as detailed as you want to make it. Michael De Main of The Wheel Edu creates how to videos all the time for his Teacher-Author partners to help us become more successful entrepreneurs! These can be found on his YouTube Channel,  [re]Building Teachers and Teacher Authors. Michael is one of those Aus…

Becoming a Teacher-Author Entrepreneur Step 19: Creating Fillable PDFs as a REMOTE READY RESOURCE

So, with Distance Learning we have a new aspect of our resources to look at - creating the resource to be COMPLETELY useable for remote online teaching, or a REMOTE READY RESOURCE. If you are a seller with TpT, you have probably seen the offers to do the BETA testing of their automatic "fillable distance form" versions of your resources. I tried it. I did not like it. It is basically a text box placed over every page. And, from what we teacher-authors have been hearing, customers don't like these either. So, what's an Entrepreneur to do? Create the resource to match the need!
Fortunately, this is a fairly easy fix, IF you create the way I have tried to show you, in PowerPoint. It took me 6 hours to recreate our Touching Spirit Bear Novel Study Guide, 4 hours for the Novel Study Guide for A Long Walk to Water, and a whopping 2 hours for Rumble Fish to become a REMOTE READY RESOURCE. With Rumble Fish, it actually took longer uploading the new files to the storefronts! N…

Coming Soon! Back to School Sale from Amped Up Learning AND a HUGE Giveaway from The Wheel!

First, I need to say thank you to Debbie Mendoza of Froggy About Teaching! She is highlighting different Teacher-Authors and their resources this week leading to the BTS Sale on AUL! The BTS Sale will be July 31st through August 3rd!
Now for something else that is REALLY EXCITING! Michael De Main at The Wheel Edu  sent us an email about the HUGE Giveaway The Wheel will be doing! We are having a #Celebration Sale! Between now and August 3rd, purchase ANY resource on The Wheel that has "Celebration in it's name, and you are automatically entered for the drawing! Actually, to enter, do these steps by August 3:
Follow The Wheel on Instagram, Facebook, and/or TwitterJoin either the Primary Teacher Life group or Secondary Teacher Life group (which you can join and post resources in any time)Register an account on The WheelBonus points if they follow any of the Wheeler's involved in the promotion. The purchase is not required prior to the 3rd! On August 7th, THREE (3) winners will …

Inspiring Teachers - Inspiring Friends

A day or two before I left Tennessee to return home last week, I was privileged to sit down with Danny Hauger and Tavis Beem on their podcast, Inspiring Teachers. Danny is a history teacher, while Tavis teaches wood shop at the High School level, and both are so much more! In addition to being a teacher, Danny is also a singer/songwriter and musician, and a voice over artist! Here is his single, "Hold Tight (Blind Spot)"  to introduce you to his music! Yup. I am jealous.
It was a great experience getting to talk with my friends, Debbie Mendoza of Froggy About Teaching, and Christy Gandara of HomeSchool Holidays, as well as Danny and Tavis. They were definitely more relaxed and succinct than I was! 
If you know me, you know I enjoy talking about pretty much anything. I've been known to become rather excited about whatever I am discussing, and becoming a bit long-winded - and I admit that it is true. However, in this case, while I did get to talk about our novel study guide …

What's Been Happening, and, Introducing a New Line of Resources for Writing Essays!

An ancient Chinese curse says, if I have it correct, "May you live in interesting times." Well, we all certainly do live in interesting times today! School districts, as well as entire nations in some cases, are still trying to work out how to best serve our students in the coming months as the COVID-19 pandemic continues. Yet, here in the States, professional sports are returning and reopening, which begs a question: how are the football players going to huddle up while maintaining social distancing? Let alone the fans? The players may wear face shields on their helmets, which may help, but the fans? You can't even get them to keep their clothes on when it's snowing in the stadium! Do we really believe they will keep masks on? And will they really remain 6 feet apart? And how will you drink your beer and eat your hot dogs with a mask on? "Get hots! Get 'cher Red Hots!" Riiight...
I have returned to Texas from Tennessee, and I have to say that it is good…

#2dollartuesday Part 2! AND The Winners of our Raffle for "A Long Walk to Water" Study Guide!

On Amped Up Learning, we are having another $2 Tuesday Sale! 
Stop by for SITE-WIDE $AVING$!
And, today was our Raffle with AUL for our Novel Study Guide to Accompany Linda Sue Park's A Long Walk to Water! Congratulations to:

And just to say thank you to everyone who entered, we are doing a 50% off sale until MIDNIGHT TONIGHT CDT! Stop in and SAVE! Enter code HalfWalk at checkout!

Raffle Time! Drawing on Monday, July 13!

Remember to like the page, like the post, and tag two other teachers in the comments! Here is the link to the page: Here is the link to the study guide 5 people will win:…/
Here is the link to the Bundle for the Grand Prize:…/
Good luck!