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Announcing $2 Tuesdays on Amped Up Learning!


On Tuesday, June 30th, Amped Up Learning is having their first $2 Tuesday sale! What makes this one different from other sales you've seen is that:
  1. Not every teacher-author contributor to AUL is participating; and, 
  2. Not every product from participating contributors will be on sale!
Gregg Williams, head historian at AUL, asked each contributor who wishes to participate to provide him with 2 of their favorite resources from their stores to be included in a special section on the Amped Up storefront. So what we have are a collection of fantastic resources that span the grades and curriculum, each for $2 for one day only! Here are a few of the highlights:

ELA in Middle School will be offering our Dominoes! Reviewing Parts of Speech: Noun Functions, and Myths2Movies: Moving from Mythology to Pop Culture Co-operative Research Project for this event. The Dominoes is an ELA take on the classic game, where players connect the noun function on one "tile" - Subject, Direct Object, Indirect Object, Object of a Preposition, etc - to the sentence with the noun italicized on the next "tile". The Myths2Movies has students research the original myths that are the basis of modern pop culture and creating a presentation about the original and the pop icon. 

Next, we have Froggy About Teaching. Deb has selected two of her resources that are geared for the lower elementary or ESL newcomer 
students! First she has her Kindergarten High Frequency Trace and More, based on Kindergarten Journeys High Frequency Words. This resource offers young scholars the options of coloring picture representations of the words, tracing and writing the words, using check boxes, and more! Then, we are offered her Kinder Letter Find resource! Using this resource, you can not only make a colorful alphabet wall, but if you print to sheets, students can cut out, color, and paste into their own scrapbooks or journals as they learn! Take the lesson even more interactive as they begin to create scavenger hunts in your classroom using their color-coded letters!

The Teacher Toy Shop has decided to go the Science route with Desert Quest: Ecosystems and Biomes Desert Game, and with Sound
Energy: Sound Waves Science Homework Experiment. Desert Quest is designed for grades 2-6, and teaches and reviews ecosystems, biomes and habitats in a fast-paced card game! Sound Energy provides an experiment for your upper elementary and middle school scientists (grades 4-8). These simple, yet engaging, STEM experiential learning tasks help students learn about Sound Energy, Sound Waves, Conservation of Energy, Energy Transformation, and the Scientific Method. Because the resource was developed to be used either in the classroom or as homework, it works very well for remote/distance learning as well; students utilize readily available materials that are found in most homes. It can also be easily used as a station in the classroom or a demonstration at a "Science Night" event!

Next up are the offerings from The Teacher Sorce, also for your elementary grades, but... The first of these is her Book Clubs (How to Organize, Grades 3-5) resource, which I profiled in a product review earlier this month. I have already been able to modify it slightly to fit my 8th grade reading intervention classes for next year! Awesome resource! The other offering she has in the sale is her Poetry and Figurative Language Mini Unit, which focus on idioms, hyperbole, onomatopoeia, and allusions while learning about rhymes, haiku, Acrostics, Diamante poetry, and writing a song or rap! Lots of fun to fit into a single week!

Christina Wilson of Make Each Day Count is making sure that we do
not overlook the Math people out there! She is offering her Google Slides resources, Classifying Polynomials (grades 9-12), and Even and Odd Functions Drag and Drop (Grades 10-12). Both of these review resources are superb for remote/distance learning and review as well as stations or in class assessments! And, although not a part of the $2 Tuesday sale, these are also available as Boom! Cards (TM) for your purchase, should you prefer that platform over google slides!

In addition to all of these, I know that History and Social Studies will be well represented, as well as more Math, ELA and Science Stores! Home school parents and partners need not worry, as most materials will be equally useful for your scholars with little or no modifications required! Additionally, purchases made during the sale will earn points for FRECK Bucks to use anytime for any products offered on the Amped Up Learning marketplace! So, mark your calendar for Tuesday, June 30th, and come search #TACOBOUTADEAL on AUL!


  1. Wow! Thanks for sharing this information. It is insightful for us teachers looking for resources!

  2. Wow, these resources look amazing! Such a variety of awesomeness to choose from on #tacoboutadeal Tuesday! Looking forward to it!


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