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Revealing Evidence - A Bundle of ELA Critical Thinking Games

Any game that requires students to use critical thinking is an automatic front of the line game for me, but when it also includes great riddles, and incorporates technology as an option, it's even more special. And this Bundle from Off the Page really steps up the game! The bundle includes 5 different versions of the game, each. with 20 different "riddle/solution" puzzles to challenge students!

What am I?

Revealing Evidence Bundle of Games
The great "What am I?" questioning style of play forces students to think about what they know of the world and different aspects of life. And although the answers to these riddles are not obscure (an all too often problem with many attempts of this sort), they can still be a challenge, even for teachers!

Each round is it's own riddle. For each, players receive 7 "clues". There are a few options outlined in the Implementation Notes for keeping score or determining winners. The technology feature, which is a PowerPoint set on autoplay, has a delay built in (which you can adjust for your student-scholars ability levels!) between each of the questions. Players are presented with 7 clues with the final clue being clear enough that everyone should be able succeed.  For example, here is one of the riddles from one of the 5 games in the bundle...

Round 8

  1. My first appearance in the U.S. was in Boston in 1716.
  2. I was one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.
  3. My location is very important.
  4. I do my best work at night.
  5. The Statue of Liberty was an example of me until 1902.
  6. I replaced fires that were lit on shore.
  7. I am a warning tower for ships.
So, I have to confess, number 5 threw me off! I had forgotten that the torch was a functioning torch that Lady Liberty held aloft!

The Answer?


That is just one of the 100 riddles that your students will experience, and of course, it is a lot less exciting reading about it here! If you purchased each of the 5 games in the Bundle separately, you would spend $10 (US) -  which is well worth it in my opinion! But if you purchase the Bundle, you get them all for $7 (US), an amazing deal! Hurry over to Off the Page to explore the other great products coming out of this Manitoba teacher's bag of tricks!


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